March of Remembrance 2015 Volunteer Opportunities
You can sign up for more than one team.

Intercessory Prayer Team – Lead, Michael Lang
Participate in the national intercessory prayer calls with MOR, pray for the Denver event before, during and after.

1. The Grants
2. Mary Setteducato
3. Karon Rubens
4. Rosemary Young

Distribution of Promotional Materials – Lead Vacant
Distribute promotional materials to churches, synagogues, military, throughout the communities in local business.

1. David Sechler
2. Kim and Isaac Montenegro
3. Katrina Quintana
4. Mary Setteducato
5. Rachel Sheron

Social Media Team – Lead, David Sechler
Coordinate web, Facebook pages, add additional social media sites: YouTube; Instagram, Twitter; generate content and messages; photography.

1. David Sechler
2. Carol Marie

Logistics – Leads Floyd Zimms and Dee Riggs
Set-up, tear down, clean-up, inventory, parking, security, facillitate March.

1. David Sechler
2. Isaac and Kim Montenegro
3. The Grants
4. Katrina Quintana
5. Huckabay/Espinet Family

Greeters/Speaker Escorts – Lead Vacant
Welcome participants, handout programs, assist with ministry materials, provide assistance to presenters and VIP’s, provide speaker goodie bag/gift.

1. Mary Setteducato, welcome table
2. Rosemary Young, welcome table?
3. Karon Rubens, VIP/Speaker host
4. Kim and Isaac Montenegro, VIP/Speaker host

Marise, Anya, Jessica piano? Ken on violin?