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From Tracy:
I love the Hideaway, very cozy and clean and had I felt a sense of peace there. The food was perfect. The Boundaries topic was a struggle for me, I don't know why, couldn't grasp a lot of it but I still enjoyed the sessions because I enjoyed the women there:) I came away feeling a deeper connection with the women from CYT. My biggest blessing was sitting up for hours at night talking with my room mates about life and the Lord... it was a blessed time, measure upon measure to overflowing!!!

From Lynda:
Despite the emergency with Hilary at the ER, I was so glad she could at least come and see the beautiful surroundings. It was a perfect place to sleep and recoup from her migraine. I wish I could have been there for more of the sessions, but really enjoyed listening to everyone and loved the sign language that Stephanie taught us. Thanks to those who were able to participate in learning the dance for Deb Kline Iantorno. It was a real encouragement for me. All the young girls who served us were so sweet and I loved the food. I hope we can return to the Hideaway every year!

from linda
I really enjoyed being with my sisters in the L-rd and hearing what they have to say, watching them dance, fellowship at the dining table, morning sessions in the Word with Boundaries information. While the book was sometimes difficult to follow, I still loved hearing comments and being reminded that the L-rd has assignments for each of His children, and that the assignments are easily entreated and then carried out by Him through each of us. There were wonderful nuggets to apply to my daily life and walk.the first night's meal was delicious; the second night could have been more appetizing with a little less meat and maybe another vegetable. All in all the food tasted great, and there was a variety for breakfast (maybe we could suggest some plain yogurt to go along with the sweetened yogurt). I also appreciated the servers and their sweet countenances. The Hideaway is so peaceful and well appointed;it is a joy to be there. The first day when it rained and we came in, the fireplace was lit up and it was so welcoming and beautiful. Thank you to all of you who were there. You are why it was very special!

From: Stephanie
I was so blessed to be with all the ladies at the retreat. I sincerely desire more of these opportunities. I cannot imagine that it will be another year before we can do this again. The surroundings were wonderful. The willingness just to be with each other and learn about Adonai. There was so much I took away, but one of the things that I really carried away is the D'Vash Terry shared with us. I've always wanted to write for the Lord and it gave me the courage to start a blog with the D'Vash as the foundational element of the blog. I hope it honors the Lord.
As far as the retreat there was very little I would change, partly because I was so blessed.