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In partnership with Greenwood Community Church, we will be serving breakfast to homeless families staying in Greenwood's building on Shabbat, February 10th. If you can help with this needed ministry, please fill out your information below.
Family Promise Breakfast Ministry to Homeless FamiliesGreenwood Breakfast Food Donation and/or Volunteer Server Sign-up Sheet Shabbat, February 10, 2018We will be serving 2 families :)

Volunteer Servers (Servers will need to arrive to the kitchen no later than 7:45 AM)

1. Dan Bacon
2. Lorraine Bacon

Bringing Items for the Breakfast Menu: (If you are not helping serve, you can drop items on Wednesday evening 5:30-8:00 PM, February 7th and put them in the kitchen/fridge labeled "CYT Family Promise, Saturday"
Fried eggs, or egg dish
1. Diane and Freddy eggs
2. Breakfast burritos - Theresa Mraz

Turkey Bacon or Turkey sausage-
1.Don Shek

Instant Oatmeal-

1 gallon milk-
1. Lynda Zimms

Children's box cereal-

Muffins or bagels or Donuts -
1. Muesli Breakfast Rounds /toaster
Dan and Lorraine

Toast -
1. Bread for toast and organic strawberry jam Dan and Lorraine

Orange Juice -
1.Don Shek

1. Tangerines- Lorraine
sliced grapefruit and oranges

Butter- margarine-
Jelly- strawberry
1. Dan and Lorraine

...Next Family Promise Breakfast, May 19, 2018